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Flower Power Groups- $10.00 per pkg.

Hand Stitched Flowers for Crazy Quilting, Scrap Book or Wearable Embellishment

These Flowers are made by Christen from the Hanah silk Ribbons. The selection includes two of each flower shown. The large flower measures 1 3/4" wide and the small flower measures 7/8" wide. These flowers are a great addition to any embellishment project.

The cost is $10.00 per package. Please allow 1 week construction time per color group order. For a larger view of the colors click on each image.

ribbon flowersHFP-B

ribbon flowersHFP-SM

ribbon flowersHFP-S

ribbon flowersHFP- TI

ribbon flowersHFP-R

ribbon flowersHFP- M

ribbon flowersHFP-WJ



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