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Home > Store > Handmade French Wire-edged Taffeta Ribbon Corsages > Virginia's Finest with Plantation Leaf- Large

Virginia's Finest with Plantation Leaf- Large

handmade ribbon corsage by Christen Brown







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Deep, rich folds of wired French taffeta ribbon create both the flower and leaves in this edge-crimped corsage. Dainty stamens nestle in the center.

This pin fastens to your garment with a standard pin back fixture.

Chose your flower and leaf color from the selections below. Please allow 1 week for each corsage to be made.

Orders for weddings and special occasions are most welcome. Please contact Christen to arrange this.

List this code for each corsage: corsage #-size/ribbon flower color + leaf color/Quantity ex.: WRC3-L/471-29 + 930-22/1

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Large Corsage Flower Color Choices- French Wire Ribbon





french wire ribbon WRC/533-7

coral pink/ rose red

french wire ribbonWRC/1722-231

golden syrup stripe

french wire ribbonWRC/471-60

chestnut/ purple

french WRC/1359-7

chocolate/ vanilla

french  wire ribbonWRC/930-834

black cherry/ magenta

french wire ribbonWRC/471-14

apricot ombre

french wire ribbonWRC/533-16

orchid/ mint green

french wire ribbonWRC/930-418


french wire ribbonWRC/471-12

fuchsia/ white/ daffodil

french wire ribbonWRC/533-17

apricot/ fuchsia

french wire ribbonWRC/1359-12

amethyst/ purple


french wire ribbonWRC/471-29

warm rose ombre

french wire ribbonWRC/533-9

apricot/ carnelian

french wire ribbonWRC/1722-237

purple sable stripe


french wire ribbonWRC/471-61

watermelon/ mint

french  wire ribbonWRC/533-06

orange/ carnelian

french wire ribbonWRC/471-26

navy/ iolite ombre


french wire ribbonWRC/533-22

fuchsia/ cranberry ombre

french wire ribbonWRC/1722-233

fuchsia/ persimmon stripe

french wire ribbonWRC/471-5

forest green/ periwinkle


french wire ribbonWRC/471-184

peridot/ kumquat



Large Corsage Leaf Color Choices- French Wire Ribbon

french wire ribbonWRC/533-3

medium green ombre

french wire ribbonWRC/471-120

periwinkle/ lime green

french wire ribbonWRC/1359-2

pine forest/ fern grove

french wire ribbonWRC/471-18

olive ombre

french wire ribbonWRC/930-22

olive/ rust

french wire ribbonWRC/1722-238

olive stripe


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