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Terms for Group Classes

ladies sewing around the table

I began teaching in 1991. I have taught for the American Quilter's Society, and The Bead and Button Show, as well as locally for stores, guilds and private groups in California, Arizona and Washington.

A great many of the Projects/Patterns that I have created were developed when I opened my own store in 2000. This is a short list of the classes that would be suitable for a group.

It is my goal that every student enjoys the learning process during and after the class is held. I enjoy watching the light come on when a concept is born, or a technique mastered. It is a wonderful experience and a gift to share this knowledge with people who enjoy the same interests as yourself.

Class Fees For A Group lesson for a Store or Guild:

Four to seven students will cost:

  • A 5 hr. day lesson will cost $40.00 per student.
  • A 6 hr. day lesson will cost $48.00 per student.
  • A 10 hr. 2 day lesson will cost $80.00 per student.
  • A 12hr. 2 day lesson will cost $96.00 per student.

Eight to fifteen students will cost:

  • A 6 hr. day lesson will cost the group $350.00.
  • A 6 hr. day lesson will cost the group $375.00.
  • A 10 hr. day lesson will cost the group $700.00
  • A 12 hr. day lesson will cost the group $750.00

There will be an additional $25.00 per student added after the 15-person limit.

What the student can expect from the class:

  • An enjoyable, fun and informative lesson, which will include one-on-one time for each student.
  • A written handout for each student which includes all of the information covered in class.
  • I teach only the subjects that I have a great deal of experience with, and can lead the group through the project successfully.
  • I am great at solving "design dilemmas, and can provide unique solutions to any problem.

Travel, Meals and Accommodations

  • If an overnight stay is required, I prefer either a pre-paid hotel room or a quiet private home.
  • All meals must be provided by your guild or organization. I am allergic to many foods, animals, smoke, dust, and several kinds of pollens. When you hire me, I will provide a list of the foods and allergens that I must avoid.
  • Mileage (where applicable) will be $0.58 per mile.


  • The class fee and the mileage reimbursement are due upon the end of the class.

Skill Levels

  • The fiber classes are suitable for both quilters and fiber artists. The jewelry classes range from easy to time intensive. Please see the list of available classes and the suggested skill levels.
  • All the classes require basic skills and therefore are intermediate in nature. The students will be expected to have the knowledge that is applicable to each class, and sewing knowledge if the class is a garment or doll class, in order to finish the project.
  • Because all garments must be fully embellished before assembly, there will be insufficient time for a student to complete the project in class.


I always bring a large selection of patterns, fabric, buttons, ribbons, trinkets and other treasures which are available for sale for those who are interested. If the group or guild provides an assistant to help take care of sales a 10% fee of all monies will be given to the guild in return.

Christen also lectures and conducts programs for groups and organizations.

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