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Sterling Gray

gray and sterling buttons on necklace

This romantic, ensemble was creatived with a collection of silver-toned and vintage glass buttons.

The variety of the images on the buttons made this ensemble so wonderful. There are strawberry clusters, cameos, pansy faced ladies, Scandinavian motifs, grape clusters and more.

The necklace is made from my "Vintage Bling Bling" pattern. The base is a gray colored rayon velvet ribbon, with an extension of beads stitched to the back with a button for the closure.

Both pairs of vintage earrings and the shoe clips emulate the themes of the buttons.

The first bracelet "Simply Charmed" includes vintage buttons, beads and charms that are wire wrapped onto a sterling chain base.

The second bracelet "Lovely Teapots" is simply stated.

The last bracelet is a vintage cuff that I found at an antique store.

charms and buttons on bracelets

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