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Phred's Daizies

vintage button necklace by Christen Brown

My best friend Phred, is one of the dearest friends, staunchest supporters, tailor extraordinare, and all time counter part!

He gave me this group of lovely vintage celluloid and plastic buttons that were from his mother's collection.

The necklace pattern is "Vintage Bling Bling" with a base of vintage cotton grosgrain ribbon stitched with French jacquard ribbon accents.

The center piece is made from a vintage dress clip decorated with celluloid flowers. The white daisy buttons are interspersed amongst the cherry red, milk bottle green and cornflower blue buttons. I added in some other buttons from my collection along with the large yellow sunflower buttons.

The center bracelet is made on a celluloid chain with blue celluloid lilies, mushrooms and lilly pad leaves.

The last bracelet is made from my "Jazz" pattern with vintage buttons and new glass beads.

The fabulous vintage earrings are the perfect match for this kitschy ensemble.

bead and button bracelets

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