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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Fiber Neckpieces and Collars > Lucern Gardens- Embroidered Collar

Lucern Gardens- Embroidered Collar

embroidered silk ribbon collar

This embroidered collar is from my class Covent Gardens. The background fabric is black silk dupioni. The collar is trimmed with an antique silver colored cord.

The ribbon embroidery is stitched using 4mm silk ribbons. The stitches I used are lazy daisy, bullion tipped lazy daisy, ribbon stitch, straight stitch and French knots.

The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from 5/8" wide Hanah silk bias ribbons stitched into fuchsias and berries. Vintage ombre ribbon was used for the rosettes.

I included glass seed beads for the details. I used vintage glass reproduction buttons at the center front and back of the collar.

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