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Empressa- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

necklace stitched with seed beads, glass charms and buttons

I truly feel like a member of the royal family when I wear this necklace. The the vintage and new buttons are snugly captured between a base of Hanah silk cords and silk ribbons.

Charms are stitched onto the cord base and are adorned with beads, more beads and more beads.

The first bracelet is made from my pattern "Butterflies Dangle on Dragonfly Pond". It is stitched with pewter buttons, copper charms and vintage and new glass beads.

The second bracelet is made from my "Button Bracelet" pattern. It is peyote stitched with vintage tagua and celluloid buttons.

The earrings are vintage wire worked clip-ons.

bracelets stitched with seed beads, glass beads and buttons

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