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Calypso Breeze- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

vintage bead and button necklace by Christen Brown

The necklace is made from the "Vintage Bling Bling" pattern with the base being a gorgeous vintage rayon velvet ribbon, that is encrusted with vintage Bling bling bling's!

The center pin and earrings were from my grandmother's collection. I used vintage and new glass German and Czech buttons; vintage celluloid and thermoset plastic buttons; and glass rhinestone buttons.

The vintage flower beads are from Japan and round beads from Czechoslovakia. Other glass beads and charms add a fun color mix to the piece.

The first bracelet is an adaptation of the "New Fangled Dangle" pattern using vintage and new glass beads and buttons.

The second bracelet is an original called "Lattice in Bloom". The base is a right angle weave stitch using glass beads. This base is embellished with individually stitched flowers and leaves; and additional molded glass leaves and flower roundels. Vintage buttons are used for the closure and center details.

bead and button bracelets

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