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Bonnie & Clyde- Jewelry Ensemble

neckpiece made from vintage necktie


This neckpiece started with a vintage tie stolen from my husband's closet, he probably won't miss it! It is from the 1930's and I included a collection of vintage celluloid buttons known as "glow bubbles" dating from the 1920's.

The "glow bubble" buttons are made with a metal base, layered with a piece of shiny foil or tin, then covered with a "bubble" of celluloid that was hollow, semi transparent and often had a geometric design. The black buttons are a molded tin, painted black.

The bracelet boasts the "cat's eye glow bubbles" and are stitched onto a ribbon base along with a few Bakelite buttons.

I wear this set with a pair of fabulous glass bead earrings that belonged to my grandmother, and a green and black swirled bangle bracelet.

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