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Sunrise Sunset- vest

fiber art vest

Close up view of appliqué and shisha mirror embroidery and bead embellishment.

Date Created: Vest- 1990
Line: Vest
Techniques: Machine quilting and stitching; hand couching, traditional free form embroidery; hand beading and embellishments
Fabrics: Guatemalan cotton, silk, metallic sari trim

The vest Sunrise Sunset, uses the same sun appliqué as in the Celestial Symphony of the Summer Solstice jacket. I was really into sun's, moons and stars, and couldn't (still can't) get my fill.

The front is red, the back a deep purple, these fabrics as well as the stripes are Guatemalan. I backed the fabrics with Fairfield's Cotton Classic batting and machine quilted with Sulky metallic threads.

Shisha mirrors, seed beads and free form embroidery embellish the sky and rays of the sun. Silver colored charms and addition beds are used to continue the theme. The base of the sun also has "Worry Dolls" attached for good luck.

fiber art vest fiber art vest

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