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Crystal Maiden- glass jewelry ensemble

bead and button jewelry

This necklace and bracelet is made from vintage and new glass beads, some from discarded broken necklaces, other beads were purchased.

I included vintage facetted glass and rhinestone buttons in the design. The necklace has a vintage rhinestone closure and I used a button for the closure on the bracelet.

During the 60's a common art project was to take old and broken jewelry and glue it to velvet in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Then frame it and hang it up for the holidays. My husband's grandmother had such a piece in her apartment.

I inherited this collage of beautiful pieces, and removed as much as I could for future projects.

For the earrings I used two floral shaped bling blings that I had salvaged from the framed piece.

The pin was found on one of my scavenger hunts.

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