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Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Vorcheva stands 29" tall, she is a larger version of my Second Hand Rose pattern. She is named after a character in a book, a wonderfully wild, courageous woman from a nomadic horse tribe.

Her body is made from muslin and tapestry fabric. Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing.

Her skirt, sleeves, collar and vest are made from cotton prints and batik fabrics. An embroidered trim is stitched to the bottom of her skirt, which is also trimmed in satin ribbons. Her body, arms, legs and hair are adorned with additional satin ribbons.

She is wearing a two beaded necklaces and a metal belt with dangles at her waist. Her hair is made from a variety of novelty and metallic yarns, and her face is framed in flowers made from a vintage ombre ribbon, with satin ribbon streamers.

Vorcheva sits on a painted stool, on this wooden bench with jamara. They greet our guest at the door and welcome them in to enjoy our home.

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