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Lady Rose

art doll

Lady Rose began with three hearts made by my mother as the center piece for greeting cards that she handmade for each family member. Each of these items was for a different Valentine's Day card design.

Her body is made from felt, and I hand stitched the hearts in place once the body was machine stitched and stuffed. There is a red crochet heart at the bottom, the top is a red and white crochet heart, and the middle is a silk ribbon embroidered heart. Her shoulders are adorned with two crochet roses, also made by my mother for greeting cards.

I hand painted, stitched and stuffed her face, and attached this to the felt. For her bonnet I stitched 8 satin rosettes, added a row of braided vintage white and red ric-rac and a ring of green satin leaves. For her arms I braided and rolled the ric-rac to form a rose which were added to each crochet flower. I braided the ric-rac for her arms and attached vintage button details and gold hand shaped charms. Her collar and bodice are adorned with more vintage buttons, as is her tummy along with a row of ruched red satin ribbon. I attached red hearts and ballet slippers at the bottom.

11″ tall


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