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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Dolls > Tatiana Queen of the Butterfly Fairies

Tatiana Queen of the Butterfly Fairies

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

I designed a pattern that was called the "Golden Girls" and body shape for this doll was designed after the Russian stacking dolls, which is a fun shape to work with.

Tatiana is made from this pattern, with an added set of wings, she is 13" tall. Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing.

Her bodice is made from a vintage kimono fabric that I picked up at a quilt show; her wings and skirt are made from a marbleized hand dyed fabric. Her gloves, legs and shoes are made from a cotton print. Her cape is made from a vintage lace scarf, and her collar is a vintage appliqué.

She is further adorned from head to toe with lace and bead trimming. Her hair is adorned with millinery flowers and beads. Her crown is made from the same fabric as her gloves and is wrapped in metallic trim.

Her wings are beaded, and are attached by a safety pin, just in case she wants to travel incognito!


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