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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Dolls > Mary, Mary, Quite, Contrary

Mary, Mary, Quite, Contrary

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

For many years I was fortunate enough to belong to a doll club called the Imitation of Life Construction Company. We had many talented members in our group, Bonnie Stewart being one of them. This doll pattern was one she designed and included in the newsletter one month.

I made her out of some lovely cotton prints that I had leftover from another project. Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing. I added satin ribbon and satin roses for the trims. A little lace here and there makes her feel special! Her hairs is made from a variety of novelty and metallic yarns. Her straw bonnet is adorned with more satin roses.

Mary stand 15" tall, but she spends most of the time in her basket garden of cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row. Her maids all have French wire ribbon bonnets, adorned with satin ribbons and flowers and millinery trims.

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