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Mrs. Madrigal

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Mrs. Madrigal was the main character, in Armisted Maupin's play "The Tales of the City". She was so cool, on track, and I wanted to know her too!

The pattern, (found in a book), I used for this doll uses the dress for the body, and the head, hands and legs are attached to this. Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing.

Her dress is made from a vintage embroidered satin fabric given to me by a friend. This embroidery with the wonderful tangerine, lemon and pine colors reminded me of a muumuu my mom had in the 1960's. Her belt is made from satin ribbons, with buttons at her waste and hem. Her hands and legs are made from a cotton chintz, and of course her slippers are made from a metallic floral print!

Her hair is made from a tassel a friend made for me. Her necklace is made from vintage plastic and glass beads. She has a fabulous corsage on each shoulder, and is wearing a pair of earrings from my Grandmother's collection.

She is lightly stuffed, so that she can sit elegantly in any repose she chooses. She is sitting now next to a paper box, with a wire handle covered in a rococo trim, and adorned with silk and wire ribbon flowers.

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