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Madame de Bezornak

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Madame de Bezornak was made from a fabric challenge that was sponsored by the Imitation of Life Construction Company, the doll club that I belonged to.

The madame is a retired Fortune Teller and Stargazer, who spent her earnings on jewels and extravagant clothing. The pattern is the same as Belle, a sculpted cloth doll who stands 12" tall. This was one of the first sculpted dolls I made, and frankly she should have spent her money on plastic surgery instead of jewels!

Her body is made from a fabulous combination of fibers and trims. The silk of her skirt is a hand-dyed piece that is just beautiful. There are other silk pieces including the striped tussah, the shantung of her gloves, and the metallic silk in her shoes.

She is accessorized with jewels at her waist, ears and hair. She sits on a thrown bejeweled with stars and the sun, ribbons, beads and tassels.

Stop by for a visit, she may read your fortune and tell you what is in store for you- amongst the stars!

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