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Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

For many years I was fortunate enough to belong to a doll club called the Imitation of Life Construction Company. We had wonderful challenges, sharing times and group activities.

This doll was made at a camp sponsored by that doll club, held in a cabin in Julian, CA. We had many talented members in our group. Patti Culea, one of these very talented members designed the doll.

This doll has a wire aperture, with a sculpted face, and body. The body was stitched first with muslin, the aperture inserted, stuffed, then painted. This process took most of the first day, and part of the next. My hands were killing me when I was done!

The dressing of the doll was up to us, so I designed a vest to use this wonderful embroidery from Afghanistan. jamara's shirt and pants are made from cotton fabrics with stitched ribbons and trims. Additional ribbon are tied at the waist and neck. The neck ruffle is made from a vintage sari border. The shoes are made from another piece of vintage embroidery from Afghanistan.

jamara's hair is a combination of novelty and metallic yarns, with a tassel at the back. A vintage embroidered cloth with shisha mirrors is used for head adornment. Many necklaces adorn the front of the costume.

He stands 19-1/2" tall, but sits riding a bamboo bike with a shisha mirror cloth seat.

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