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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Dolls > Ernest the Elf

Ernest the Elf

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Ernest, (an original design) was made to decorate the house along with the Magic Angel, during the winter, but he sits on my hearth next to him, year long, just because he is such a happy soul, and they have so much to talk about.

Ernest was made with some wonderful new and vintage fabrics. Starting with his hat, the blue fabric with the embroidered gold dragon fabric was purchased on a trip to Monterey. His ruffle and pants use more of that wonderful blue fabric, as do his shoes.

The vintage sari border used for the tip, of the hat was purchased from a friend who has a wonderful shop full of treasures such as this including several small appliques from India.

His body and arms are made from various cotton prints. His vest is made from a left over piece of embroidered cotton from India. He has a dyed gold snake skin belt and sleeves and pant cuffs. He is wearing a necklace that was given to me by a student.

He is 21" tall, and sits on a wonderful woven twig chair, holding a leather bag full of goodies waiting for the season to come again.

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