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 Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

I am sure that many of us either adored or detested our Home Ec. teachers in grade and high school. Many of us probably attributed our own mother's voices to that poor teacher! I was fortunate enough to have both a mother and a teacher who saw potential and believed in me.

I was encouraged to create, and learn from others, so I watched a lot of old movies. One of the first costume designers that I admired was Edith Head. Her designs in "Funny Face" made the movie and had me hooked. Audrey Hepburn an ingenue, was discovered by Fred Astaire a fashion photographer. She got to wear all of those glamorous clothes and visit those famous locals!

Edith named after you know who, probably never wore anything this homey! She sits on an antique sewing caddy that is fashioned after a rocking chair which stands 12" tall. It has a cushioned seat, with wooden spools of thread on the sides, and a spot at the back for the scissors.

I hand stitched the skirt with precious bits of velvet fabrics. Her body is made from a tapestry fabric, her sleeves from a cotton print, and vintage lace for the shawl and trim on the skirt.

Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing. Her hair is of course made from a wild combination of novelty yarns. She is adorned with vintage buttons and ribbon flowers.

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