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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Dolls > The Duchess of the Danforth

The Duchess of the Danforth

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

The Danforth is one of the most amazing, ethnically rich areas that I have ever been too. My grandparents lived in Toronto, off of a side street of the Danforth, with its fish markets, fruit vendors and Five and Dime stores. In fact it was so interesting that National Geographic ran an article on it many years ago, and it has it's own web site! Anyway's, for us it will always be a remarkable place where you could find anything, and my grandmother could, that is why I called her the Duchess!

This doll (11-1/2" tall, an original design), has many of her pieces of jewelry, and leftover mink from her stole. Though I am sure my grandmother would never mix any of these colors together, or wear orange stockings and purple gloves. Though, you have to admit that she does make a statement with the peacock feather in her black velvet hat and her blue velvet ballet shoes! All I am sure you can find on the Danforth, in one store or another!

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