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Curisu and Merisu

 Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

In Japanese my name is translated into symbols that spell out Curisu, which means squirrel when translated back to English. This is probably a more accurate description of me than I would like to admit!

The pattern I designed for these dolls is very simple. The body shape is a rectangle, with the feet sewn in at the bottom. Their faces are hand- painted with permanent pen detailing. The kimono robe is worn over this shape, with the hands peeking out of the sleeves.

The first doll, Curisu stands about 19" tall. Her clothing is made from cotton prints with an Asian theme. Her garments and hair are covered in little babies that came off of several pincushions. This is my version of a Native American "story teller doll".

The second doll Merisu, is made from another fabric/goodie swap challenge that was sponsored by the doll club that I belonged to. Her body is made from a vintage obi, and garments are made from velvet, satin and silk fabrics. She is adorned with glass beads; vintage buttons; sequin and rickrack trims. She sits in an old brass candle holder, and stands about 12" tall.

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