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Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Belle is named after a woman that I met on Flower St. in downtown LA, while attending FIDM. She was a free spirit, probably homeless, but was always nice to me, and she wore a feather boa in her hair.

Belle is one of the few cloth dolls that I have designed that has a sculptured face; this is more difficult to make, but she was worth it. She stands 12" tall, but usually she is sitting with her suitcase and basket of goodies.

Her dress is made from satin, moire, cotton, and metallic fabrics with vintage lace, net (from an old hat) and mink trimming (from my grandmother). She is wearing a beaded and sequin collar for her top, with an old eye glass chain for her necklace. She is carrying a small bag that has a crystal bottle in it, that at one time held my grandmother's favorite perfume, "Black Narcissus".

Belle's hair is made from novelty fibers, and is adorned with a beaded trim, several old buttons, and a fabulous feather. Her earrings came from my husband's grandmother.

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