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Lacee the Angelic Angel

Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

Lacee the Angelic Angel is made from the same adapted pattern as the Golden Renaissance Angel. She flies at a petite 12-1/2" tall. The pattern was adapted from a book, and the wings added because I want to fly!

Her body is made from muslin and tapestry fabric. Her wings and dress are made from wonderful scraps of silk, satin, and vintage lace. This pattern is an adaptation of an Eleanor Piece Bailey design.

Extras like the satin rose, and smaller ribbon buds adorn her neck, wrists and shoes. Vintage and new ribbons complete her ensemble.

Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing. Her hair is made from novelty yarns in the same wonderful shades of her wings.

The lace that was used for her collar and skirt were two of my favorite pieces given to me by a friend. I am happy to say that Lacee really loves them too!

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