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Cloth Art Doll made by Christen Brown

I made this doll for my daughter Gwen when she was in the 6th grade. She fell in love with abalone shells, and had many in her room.

Abalonia stands 29" tall, she is a larger version of my Second Hand Rose pattern. Her body is made from muslin and velvet fabric. Her face is hand- painted with permanent pen detailing. Her clothing is made from cotton prints with satin ribbons and embroidered trim. I also used the trim on her cuffs and leggings.

She is wearing a beaded necklace and a shell necklace. She has wire wrapped leaves at the back of the embroidered collar which was an embroidery project that I did many years ago.

She has a feather boa mixed in her hair which is made from novelty yarns. Charms and more feathers complete her head attire.

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