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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Melon Balls Vintage Jewelry Ensemble

Melon Balls Vintage Jewelry Ensemble

vintage glass jewelry

This ensemble is comprised of a wonderful combinations of color and texture. This collection of components started with the earrings which I found at the Salvation Army for $.99.

The coral colored rectangular molded glass pieces have a variety of flowers and leaves.

The next piece I found was the bracelet, on ebay several years later with the same glass pieces. I wore these two parts of the ensemble for several more years until I came upon the glass beads with the same design, again found on ebay.

A few months after that I found the lovely melon colored souffle finished oval beads. I mixed these with black bicones and seed beads to create the necklace. I used a vintage glass button for the closure.

The second bracelet is comprised of vintage glass sew throughs, vintage glass buttons for the closure, and the left-over beads from the necklace.

vintage glass jewelry

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