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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Lucy's Grape Adventure Vintage Jewelry Ensemble

Lucy's Grape Adventure Vintage Jewelry Ensemble

vintage celluloid jewelry

I fell in love with celluloid during my research for my lecture "Vintage Redressed". It is a versatile lightweight plastic that easily takes on the shape of the mold that it is poured into.

The necklace of this ensemble is made from celluloid links with an added celluloid leaf button for the closure. The original necklace had just the solid colored grape charms, I added the clear red grape shaped charms and the new wire wrapped glass grape leaves.

The first bracelet is comprised of vintage grape and leaf shaped buttons, the same pattern as the earrings are made from. These are attached to the metal chain with jump rings.

The second bracelet was found with the red raspberries, and I added the plastic leaves that were left-over from another project.

vintage celluloid jewelry

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