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Deco Plumeria Jewelry Ensemble

necklace made from ribbon worked flowers and leaves

I had been researching vintage jewelry and accessories for an article that I was writing, and for my lecture Vintage Redressed when I came upon a wonderful collection of Bakelite and celluloid buttons, and the lovely deep carrot orange ribbon used for the large flowers in the necklace. These colors were so reminiscent of the Deco Era.

The the ribbon base (a left-over from another project) of the necklace is covered in ribbon worked flowers and leaves using both new and vintage ribbons. The green and black ribbon I used for the smaller leaves was attached to a delicious box of Godiva chocolates, a present from my husband. The additional vintage and new embellishments include glass leaves, flowers, butterfly shaped buttons, and other beads, all left-over from other projects.

The first bracelet is made from a base of grosgrain ribbon. The individually stitched ribbon worked flowers, leaves and pea pods are made from a variety of ribbons including silk, vintage grosgrain and French wire. The old vintage stamens and paper mâche fruit charms were treasures I had been saving for just the right project. Vintage buttons (from the same stash as the necklace) and beads have been added to embellish the vegetation and floral array.

The second bracelet is made from a vintage jacquard ribbon covered with vintage Bakelite and celluloid buttons. Most of these buttons had been a gift from a friend, the center coming off of a '60's "flower child" dress that belonged to his sister.

bracelet made from ribbon worked flowers and leaves
vintage button bracelet

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