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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Charmed Life- jewelry made from vintage charms

Charmed Life- jewelry made from vintage charms

vintage necklace made with brass charms

When we were girls my grandmother bought my sister and I both a sterling charm bracelet. She added charms on each birthday or holiday that she knew we would like. I still have mine, and each link is filled with a special memory.

This ensemble started with the vintage necklace, which originally had the charms that are now on the bracelet. I added the large hearts and various other charms to the necklace, giving it a stronger design and better balance of the components.

The bracelet is made from vintage watch faces, glued to a metal link base. The vintage brass charms are attached to the links.

The pin and earrings were actually found this way, no re-designing needed.

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