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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Calypso Breeze- neckpiece

Calypso Breeze- neckpiece

vintage jewelry on neckpiece

My fondest memories of my grandmother's house were the days that she let us play with her jewels, and accessories. We would spend hours playing at being fine ladies going to tea with our necks draped in pearls, a beaded handbag on an arm and impossibly large earrings clipped to our ears.

The vintage rhinestone pin used for the center of the necklace and the earrings shown at the top were from my grandmother's collection. I inherited her jewelry, and her love for "The Glamour Of It ALL".

The color combination I used in Calypso Breeze is a favorite of mine to work with, turquoise, violet, and indigo blue. I used vintage and new glass German and Czech buttons, that I sold through the store that have a purple iris finish. The vintage celluloid and thermoset plastic buttons in mauve, blue and purple and clear glass rhinestone buttons were from my stash of treasures, collected from here and there.

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