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Winter Symphony

recycled shawl and purse with ribbon worked flowers and embroidered leaves

I made these accessories to wear with an outfit that I wore to a Sarah Brightman concert last December in celebration of my birthday. My husband and I met our friends Phred and Tom at the concert, a great time was had by all!

I bought the black silk shawl with rayon fringe on ebay for $9.99. As you can see it was brightly colored with lovely machine embroidered lavender, red and fuchsia flowers, however the leaves were gray and they needed to be a green in order to match the jewelry which is "Shiraz".

So I embroidered olive colored 4mm silk ribbon over most of the gray sections. I added ribbon worked flowers of 1/4" red and fuchsia picot edged ombre ribbon; 3/8" plum ruffled edge ribbon; and 3/8" vintage black velvet ribbon.

I bought the purse at a thrift store for $1.00. The embroidered flowers and leaves were gray, and white with bead embroidered details. I stitched ribbon worked flowers made from a vintage 1/2" pink/fuchsia ombre ribbon and the 3/8" plum ruffled edge ribbon from above over the flowers, but let the beaded centers show through.

The headdress at the top of the picture, slips over a bun at the back of the head. The corsage in the front holds the shawl in place. These two pieces were made with French wire ribbon, stamens, and floral wire.

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