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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > White Summer Skirt

White Summer Skirt

white skirt made from vintage tablecloths

section of embroidery panel from a vintage table cloth

This beautiful summer skirt is made from two vintage tablecloths that I had purchased at one point for the store when it was located on 30th St. The skirt is part of a vintage ensemble that is called "White Wedding".

I found the tablecloths at AM VETS, and I paid about $12.99 a piece for them. They are both hand embroidered with cutwork sections, and were probably 60" ovals. The detailing is exquisite, and worth many more monies than I spent on them. A few sections have additional stitching where the fabric has given way to use and wear.

I cut each tablecloth into four triangular sections. I then cut each section shorter, about 8" down and straight across from the narrow pointed end. I sewed all of these sections together down the length of the sides, with french seams.

The elasticized yoke of the skirt is doubled, and is attached to an under-slip. The skirt is sewn to the outer portion of the yoke, with the inner portion hand stitched to cover the seam.

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