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Recycled Thrift Store Treasures

recycled jacket

recycled jacket

So I am a thrift store shopper, explorer and treasure hunter. I have several routes that I take, and I find pleasure in what I can bring home for $20.00 or less.

I started buying clothes in high school, just having fun digging through bins, I still have several embroidered and beaded cashmere sweaters from those days. These I use in The Glamour of it ALL! program.

Pictured here are four jackets that I bought for under $20.00. I have altered all of these in one way or another:

  1. $1.99: This jacket was originally beige, I dyed it gray, and added Tahiti shell buttons down the front and along the bottom edge.

  2. $12.99: This was one of the more expensive jackets I ever bought, though it had never been worn, so I felt that it was worth the hefty price. I added Bakelite and celluloid buttons down the front, and two celluloid pins to the top, the embroidery I left alone as it was already pretty.

  3. $1.99: This jacket was the same style as #1, but came in this pretty buttery yellow color. I added vintage French Jacquard ribbon down the center, and around the bottom edge and cuffs of the sleeves. I stitched vintage Mother of Pearl buttons around the collar and center seem.

  4. $2.99: This jacket was originally light blue, and I dyed it teal. I stitched around the collar and bottom edges and added vintage shisha mirrors to the front.

With a little bit of imagination, you can recycle creatively, and have fun while you are doing it.

Enjoy, and see you at the thrift store!

recycled jacket recycled jacket

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