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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Short Sleeved Jacket

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Short Sleeved Jacket

vintage and new fabrics used on a wearable art vest

My grandmother seldom threw anything away, I know I helped to clean her house when she passed away. As I was cleaning out her cedar chest I came upon a leftover remnant of her bark cloth curtains from the 1940's.

The color combinations to me then, bordered on hideous: chartreuse, melon, maize and claret. Thankfully my color pallet has matured.

I collected bits of silk cotton fabrics from here and there, and on a trip to San Francisco to Brytex, "Fabric Mecca", the theme was conceived. I found a silk fabric which I believe was used to make ties, covered in frogs. It just seemed the right fabric for the lining given the colors of the bark cloth. I also found the lime, black and wine colored silk fabrics there.

I gathered frog charms, buttons, beads and more to support my theme: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The jacket also includes vintage and new glass buttons, Bakelite buttons, and inlaid shell buttons.

I also used vintage ribbons that were a gift from a friend, and some left-over from my doll making days.

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