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Madame Butterfly Jacket

wearable art jacket

The front of this jacket features two vintage embroidered panels from an old Chinese kimono. I found these incredible pieces in a store in Carmel, CA. several years ago. The story in which I obtained them is a treasure as rich as the panels themselves.

As I was admiring them knowing we did not have the money to pay for them, the shop owner's daughter came to my side. She asked me if I made my own jewelry, I said yes I did. She then asked me to make a necklace from some antique jade and glass beads for the store, and in partial payment she would allow me to buy the panels for much less than the original cost. I told her that I would love to do this, but I lived in San Diego, CA. This did not matter to her, she said that she knew from my face that she could trust me. I agreed, and left the shop 20 minutes later with the panels and the beads. The gift of trust was far greater than the worth of the panels, and I treasure it.

As for the rest of the components in this piece, it took over five years to collect the right ingredients, the colors being unusual, and they needed to be as special as the embroidered panels. Whenever I visited a new place, I checked out the local fabric store just in case I would find something wonderful.

The floral ribbon worked sections, made from both ribbon and fabric are stitched with additional embroidered flowers and leaves. These are embellished with vintage and new glass beads and buttons. Many vintage Mother of Pearl buttons found there way onto the jacket along with many early glass and plastic buttons, most of these given to me by a friend.

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