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Days of Wine and Roses-vest

crazy pieced section with ribbon flowers and silk ribbon embroidery

Days of Wine and Roses has a soft, faded, vintage, feminine appearance.

The main body of this vest are made from a lovely champagne-mushroom fabric, with additional splashes of faded rose and chocolate. I found soft muted colors in the champagne tones, along with richer colors in rose and green to complete the pallet from my stash.

The front pieces of the vest have a section of raw silk and the main fabric, while the back has a large section which is crazy pieced with the complimentary fabrics. The collar is also crazy pieced with these fabrics.

Along the seams of these sections I have added in whimsical floral vignettes, also made from ribbons and additional small bits of fabric from my stash.

The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made fro a variety of ribbons including: Hanah silk bias in 2-1/2", 1" and 5/8"; vintage cotton grosgrain and velvet ribbons; double sided satin ribbon; cotton and moire fabrics.

The vignettes are stitched with further tiny details using silk ribbon embroidery stitches such as the woven rose, lazy daisy, Japan stitch, and French knots. I used silk ribbon in sizes 2mm, 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon. Silk and cotton threads were used for details and traditional embroidery stitches.

These vignettes are embellished further with vintage shell and glass buttons and glass beads.

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