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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Mrs. Higgins Cocoon

Mrs. Higgins Cocoon

lace cocoon

lace cocoon
This lovely shawl began with two pieces of lace, the gray an Alencon, and the black a chemical lace, both were the size of a small table cloth. I placed the gray lace back to back with the black and machine stitched the edges together.

I folded with width down, and hand stitched each edge to the bottom edge to create the cocoon. I machine stitched black velvet lace trim around the front opening. I hand stitched a vintage chemical lace trim around the edges. I hand stitched vintage glass sew-ons in the center of the large flowers (they look like black pieces).

The rose is made from Hanah Silk Bias ribbon with a vintage velvet leaf background. I wear this with the Maltese Falcon jewelry ensemble.

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