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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Chandos Summer Storm- vest

Chandos Summer Storm- vest

vintage lace, trims and buttons

This inspiration for this vest were the wonderful colors in the fabric, that reminded me of the stormy days and nights spent at our cabin at Chandos Lake in Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

There are many different types of hand made and machine made lace on the vest including tatting, chemical lace, filet crochet and needle lace. These had been collected from many sources, some given to me by friends.

The ribbon worked sections have additional silk ribbon embroidered components. Bead and button embellishments encrust these sections and the ribbon lengths. The vintage glass, celluloid and shell buttons were collected from here and there. Glass beads were used to stitch and adorn the lace pieces, and to create interest in the flower vignettes.

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