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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Collaged Memories > Autumn Leaves Must Fall Short Sleeved Jacket

Autumn Leaves Must Fall Short Sleeved Jacket

collaged piece vest with fabrics and buttons

The inspiration for the color combination of Autumn Leaves Must Fall Short Sleeved Jacket came from the vintage embroidered stylized tulips on the linen background. The piece of embroidery also included the oval shaped purple and yellow embroidered section that was placed down the center middle and across the right side.

The other interesting pieces of fabric are the green needle lace that I placed over a green fabric that didn't quite match the rest of the fabrics. I then embroidered over this section with metallic threads and silk ribbon embroidery stitches.

I had been given a button collection early on in my career from an un-known benefactor, some of the buttons on this jacket are from this collection. I since have been the recipient of many wonderful, precious treasures and I feel that I am compelled to give a home and a rightful place to each and every one, in honor of a gift given by love.

The row of buttons down the back are mostly vintage celluloid, Thermoset and Bakelite, from the first collection. There two amber colored rhinestone buttons in each of the tulip centers on the back, that were a gift from my husband's grandmother. A few of the newer buttons, rust colored and oval shaped were a gift from my husbands father from a trip he made to Germany.

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