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Arabian Nights

fiber collaged vest

Arabian Nights was the first piece of wearable art that I had created for a competition. The pattern is an original pattern, loosely based on a tabard. The purse for the ensemble I made years later keeping with the exotic theme.

I incorporated a variety of different fabrics that were a collection of precious leftovers: a stash of fancy fabrics that I had inherited from my mom and the few that I myself had collected to date.

These include the gold colored damask that was given to my mom by my Aunt Murt, who had all of her clothes made by her own seamstress. The blue, purple, and turquoise stripe was from an evening gown that my mom had made for herself. The pink ikat is a leftover piece of fabric that had been given to me by a client.

My husband found the blue silk fabric that I used for the constellation background at the top of the vest. He was so thrilled when he came home with the fabric, and had correctly identified it as silk, I had to incorporate it into the vest.

In a moment of curiosity as I was hand painting gold stars onto the fabric, he leaned over my shoulder and helped my to inadvertently create "Kevin's Comet" on the left hand shoulder next to the purple shisha mirror.

The beads, rayon rattail cords, sequins and cotton threads were all left-over bits and pieces from other projects.

I find the challenge to create something beautiful more rewarding when you don't have the finances or opportunity to go out and purchase all of the right ingredients. Making due, and working within these parameters helps to make our design instincts finely tuned.

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