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Straw Hats with Ribbon Work

hat with ribbon worked flowers and leaves

This series of hats are adorned with a variety of the flowers and leaves from my Petals and Posies Series.

The first straw hat was given to me by my friend Jeri. The gathered rose in the center is made from French wire ribbon, the pansies from silk bias ribbon. The other flowers made from French wire ribbon are fuchsias, berries, rose hips. Fabric yo-yo's are stitched with vintage b buttons centers. Prairie point leaves and the double leaf are used also.

The black sisal is a vintage hat with black netting. The flowers I used here are the Chou Rose, pansy, and gathered rose. The leaves are prairie point, and 1920's leaf.

The last straw hat is adorned with a velvet ribbon base, which the flowers are stitched to. The center flower is a French wire ribbon pansy. Other flowers include the gathered rose, rosettes, rose hips and fuchsias.


hat with ribbon worked flowers and leaves
hat with ribbon worked flowers and leaves

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