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Opening Day Hat

ribbon worked flowers and leaves on a hat

This piece is part of my "Vintage Redressed" program which I originally made for my daughter. She and a group of friends were going to the opening day at the Del Mar horse races and she asked me to create a fabulous chapeau to wear.

I chose for the ribbons her favorite colors which are black and red, and I included deep pinks and greens for this creation. The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from French wire ribbon. I included pink stamens for the centers of the roses.

I took a vintage hat I had found at a thrift store, and stitched the hand made flowers and leaves onto the front brim. I attached a wide satin ribbon bow to the back of the hat, with lengths of the same ribbon to cascade down the her back.

Her horse did not win, but she was gorgeous and had a great time.

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