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Designer Tie

vintage tie with designer labels

This tie was made for my husband many years ago as a spoof on "designer labels". We both worked for Bullocks Department Store, and they expected the men to dress in suits, and the women to wear dresses with panty hose (on a sales person salary mind you....). I don't think that this is the case now when you shop in a department store.

My friend Phred worked in the alterations department, and he saved me some wonderful labels to use for this project. Such as: Christian Dior, Daniel Hechter, Leyton Classic, Gilligan O'Malley, Mackeen, Joseph Magnin, J. Ashford, Adini, Sasson, Ron Chereskin, and Indian Tussah.

There is a really cool label that came from an old suit of my moms in the middle (the cream with black and yellow details). It says "An Original from David" with a drawing of an elf, paint tube and paint brush, really cool.

Perhaps a little silly, but fun to make none the less.



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